High Expectations From Dental Implants?

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The question is perhaps understandable. Readers may already have caught a whiff of just how technologically advanced the different types of dental implants vancouver dentists and orthodontists have to offer the general public. But before the reader gets carried away in his or her excitement, do note the realistic expectations of the full process of having dental implants made up. Or not.

Because unfortunately, not everyone makes the cut if you will. In the meantime, dental implant placements as a form of outpatient surgery is usually performed in stages. And during these stages there will be healing times. The process of placing a dental implant usually requires several steps. These would include the removal of damaged teeth, preparation of the jawbone in the even that grafting is required, bone growth and its subsequent healing, artificial tooth placements, as well as the placement of the actual dental implant.

Expect the entire process to take several months, from beginning to end. At the most, it is not uncommon for the most complex procedures to take up to two years to complete. And then there is still this. At the most basic level, same day placements if you will are possible. Most of the process time is taken up by healing and waiting for new bone to grow into the jaw. All depending on the patient’s condition, steps associated with the placement of dental implants could still be combined.

One example runs thus. Bone grafting is required. Bone grafting is done in the jawbone. And then still, a jawbone graft must be done. The need for grafting arises when the jawbone is not thick enough or is too soft. This work needs to be done before any thought can be given to dental implant surgery.