Tips For Enjoying A Day Outside

Going outside is a great way to get some fresh air, relax and just destress from the digital world that we live in.  For most of us, sitting in front of a computer or having our faces buried in our cell phones is a normal way of life these days.  However, if we take a moment to poke our heads out of the clouds for a moment, we can really embrace the world and have a stress-free day.

Protecting yourselves from bugs

One of the universal truths about going out and staying outside is that we have to deal with bugs.  Bugs are Earth’s natural cleaning crew.  They are out there eating all the dead and decaying waste that we produce. 

screen enclosures natick

One way that we can protect ourselves from these intruders is to install screen enclosures natick.  With these enclosures we are putting ourselves in a bubble that will allow fresh air and sunlight in but will keep bugs, insects, flies, mosquitoes and other insects out. 

Light candles

Another way to enjoy the day and even into the night is to light candles.  Candles will emit a scent that insects don’t like.  Citronella candles for example are great for sending throw that will keep insects away. 


Similar to candles, torches will send off smoke and other scents into the air that will keep insects away.  In some cases the insects will be attracted to the flame and light which will have them fly into the flame ending the situation all together.

Bug spray

Finally, bug spray can be used.  This spray will create a protective barrier around you that bugs don’t like.  When you do this however, you will have to deal with the small as well as keep your skin dry.  Jumping into the pool or other bodies of water will wash this spray away and you will need to reapply it.